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Chalk Paint Starter Package - Linen White

$57.91 + GST

Save 10% by getting one of our chalk paint starter packages which includes:

1 x 887ml Rustoleum Chalked Ultra Matt Paint – Linen White

1 x Haydn Chalk Professional Brush – Round 30mm

1 x Haydn Chalk Professional Brush – Oval 55mm

Rustoleum Chalked Ultra Matt Paint

Rust-Oleum® Chalked Ultra Matt Paint creates an ultra matt finish with superior adhesion and coverage. It rejuvenates furniture and home décor with timeless elegance. It can be painted or distressed, giving any project a one of a kind look with a vintage feel.

One coat coverage on many surfaces
Easy application
Indoor use only
Dries to a velvety smooth finish
Easily distressed to create a vintage look
Covers up to 150 sq. ft.


Lightly scuff high gloss surfaces with sand paper or a sanding sponge. Apply 1-3 even coats 30 minutes apart.


Haydn Chalk Professional Bruhes

Haydn® Chalk Professional Brushes are perfect for producing a textured, vintage finish. These brushes hold a large amount of paint which are ideal for chalk and milk paint and can also be used for applying wax. They are the ideal shape and size to be used on any surface to reach those hard to get crevices. Made with quality synthetic filament, a stainless steel ferrule and a smooth wooden ergonomically shaped handle to ensure an effortless painting application experience.

Ideal for

  • Applying chalked and milk paint
  • Applying wax
  • Use on furniture, chairs, tables, cabinets, dressers, walls and more.


  • Quality synthetic filament
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Wooden ergonomically shaped handle