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Haydn Radial Sander 230mm

$45.95 + GST

Free spinning and tilting head, with protective rubber bumper to reduce damage to adjoining surfaces. Reduces sanding time and increases control. 360 degree spin and tilt head stays flat, no flipping reducing risk of damage to walls. Quick change hook and loop system making it easy to replace sanding disks. Durable anti-clog sanding disks wear evenly. Universal thread adaptor included.

Sanding disks sold separately.


  • Replacement disks available in five grits: – Extra Fine (220 grit) – Fine (180 grit) – Medium Fine (150 grit) – Medium (120 grit) – Coarse (80 grit)
  • Sanding made fast and easy
  • Quick change hook and loop system
  • 230mm wide
  • 360 degree spinning and tilting head