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Exhibit all personalities with GIB-Cove®

Why Choose GIB Cove?

  • GIB-Cove® is both functional and decorative.
  • A range of architectural profiles to choose from, each creating a different interior style.
  • GIB-Cove® range is quick and easy to install.
  • Easily painted and integrates well with GIB® Plasterboard wall and ceiling linings.
  • Leaves no gaps at the wall/ceiling intersections.
  • Creates a stable system that ties walls and ceilings together, minimising the chance of joints cracking.
  • Adds value to your home.
  • Perfect for new homes or renovations.
  • All GIB-Cove® profiles are available in 3.6 mtr lengths.
classic gib cove design

GIB-Cove® Classic

Adds a touch of style and elegance. Classical elegance for any room in your home.

With three sizes to choose from, and an elegant profile that works with any look, the Classic will bring a dash of style and grace to your home. A Classic finishing touch to your space.

Available in 55mm, 75mm and 90mm profiles to suit different ceiling heights and applications

  • 3.6m lengths
  • Easy to install
  • Classic and stylish
cove classic

GIB-Cove® Mezzo

Sleek architectural lines superbly compliment modern interior design.

Mezzo provides a contemporary statement, with its slimline profile and subtle centre deflection. Mezzo’s crisp clean lines bring elegance and freshness to modern interiors.

  • 75mm profile in 3.6m lengths
  • Elegant yet able to provide bold architectural styling
  • Suitable for updating un-coved rooms or replacing traditional coving
GIB cove mezzo

GIB-Cove® Tenor

A contemporary return to a simpler take on interiors.

Tenor provides sleek, modern styling for any room, with simple clean lines that create striking architectural features in rooms of all sizes.

  • 90mm profile in 3.6m lengths
  • Super low-profile great for even small rooms
  • A perfect understatement
GIB cove tenor

GIB-Cove® Basso

Beautiful, refined and timeless gravitas.

With a sleek 45° angle, bookended by a double step, Basso provides strong contemporary lines. The scale of Basso’s profile is perfect for lending opulence to bedrooms, or refinement to buildings with higher ceilings.

  • 90 mm profile in 3.6m lengths
  • Distinct luxurious presence
  • Truly classical overtones
  • Perfect for modern interior upgrades
gib cove basso

GIB-Cove® Alto

The perfect contemporary look for all ceiling heights.

Alto’s unique profile is a clever contradiction of bold and subtle styling. Whether in the pursuit of more modernist aesthetic, or looking to add character to your room, Alto’s stepped design will give you clean, crisp symmetry. Perfect for creating a sensation of height and space in a room.

  • 50mm profile in 3.6m length
  • Small profile with big character
  • Deco, modernist clean lines
  • Superb quality
GIB Cove Alto