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GIB® No Coat® 325

$66.00 + GST

GIB® No-Coat® are high impact resistant corner trims, that create sharp straight corner finishes and are suitable for off-angle internal and external corners.

High Impact Flexible Composite Trim

  • 325 inch – 82mm wide, 30m roll

The centre membrane is constructed of a strong impact resistant co-polymer core which acts as a shock absorber.  This high impact resistance reduces the likelihood of chips and cracks occurring.

No Coat SLAM technology

These trims are engineered to withstand

  • minor frame movement
  • settling
  • seismic movement
  • temperature variation

GIB® No-Coat® can be used on any off-angles as it flexes to any internal or external corner angles, i.e. from 90 to 270 degree angles, and thus is particularly useful for raking ceilings.


The paper finish

  • Matches the plasterboard paper.
  • Has good wet strength to avoid paper roll even when the compound is overworked.
  • Has good scuff and sanding resistance.
  • It is bedded in with the joint compound, eliminating mechanical fastening to the frame and thus reducing the risk of frame movement transferring to the joint and causing cracks or fastener head to show.
  • The tapered flap design removes the need for excessive compound on the corner.


The trims are easy to install and available in 82mm and 112mm widths to cater for different strengths and span requirements and are supplied in 30m rolls. GIB® No-Coat® is supplied in 30m rolls and thus can be cut to the exact length required, eliminating waste.

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