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Strait-Flex Original 30.5m x 60mm

$46.00 + GST

Original from Strait-Flex is the most versatile, multi-purpose drywall tape from Strait-Flex. 90° outside corners, inside corners, and angles can be expertly finished with Strait-Flex Original Corner Bead. Easier to install than metal corner bead. Manufactured from Strait-Flex’s patented composite material, it is extremely strong and will not fuzz-up when sanding.

Key Features:

  • Original creates a fast, perfect 90º outside, inside, or angled corner.
  • Forms easily to all angles and corners
  • Will not shrink, blister, tear, sag or wrinkle
  • Water-resistant and rustproof
  • Saves 25-50% on installation time
  • Material can be second-coated immediately
  • Solid rolls ensure no waste or damage in transit or in rough site conditions
  • Does not require fasteners, stapling, or any special tools
  • Resists common cracking problems as encountered when using paper tapes
  • Requires very light fill coat to finish product. Original with holes promote quicker drying time and easy detection of voids or air pockets behind tape.